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Keli Chevalier
Keli Chevalier 
Chief Executive Officer

Keli is a Retired Army Major. Having worked primarily as a public affairs officer for 1, 2, and 3 – star generals, Keli is very experienced in the art of leadership and influence.  She is the self-proclaimed Texas Word Wrangler! As a copywriter, she helps creative entrepreneurs who sell products or services online write marking copy that entices, engages, and creates viral demand for their offers! Keli writes sales pages that turn clicks into clients fast.


She believes your words create your world.   Keli is the inventor of the Perfect Pocket Pitch Deck, Keynote Speaker, and Author of Get Up! Get Dressed! Get Out!”, Observer, Fashion Curator, and insightful-entrepreneur! Her agency, Her trademarked method for writing words that leads to sales has helped over 600 entrepreneurs claim more $1M in revenue.

Keli is also a Huffington Post contributor and her writing has been featured in the New York Post, Chicago Sun-Times and the Houston Chronicle! She speaks to entrepreneurs across the nation on how to Get Your Pitch Perfect and will begin her Life's a Pitch tour Spring 2019. She believes in laughing so hard you snort and that mild salsa is for cowards!

Keli completed her Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She is also a John Maxwell certified public speaker and host of the television show, Market Kandy!

Keli has three incredibly handsome sons (Carlos, Jules and Nathaniel) and is married to Max Manlangit (a Jackie Chan look-alike). She resides in Houston, Texas and lives out loud every day!